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Reasons to Believe: A Journey of Spiritual Awareness in the Modern World


Episcopal priest Robert Lefavi, Ph.D., claims you no longer have to check your brains at the door when entering a church, synagogue or mosque. This scientist and former athlete explores here his inner knowledge of God where he finds harmony between spiritual truths and what the modern world calls "reality." A meticulous account of what critically-thinking people will encounter when trying to grow as spiritual beings in a world that fails to recognize the spirit, this book examines important and pertinent issues ranging from creation to the most recent scientific and medical findings to our spiritually-stifling world in a unique manner that shows the incredible compatibility between faith and reason.
Price: $22.00

Reflections on My First Noel


Written by CNN's Beirut bureau chief Jerry Levin after spendiing over eleven months of captivity, this is the poignant story of the spiritual transformation he went through duriing his long ordeal as a "forgotten American hostage" and the miraculous way in which he was freed from his captors.
Price: $5.00

Remembering a Forgotten Grace: Thoughts on Shame, Beauty, Romance and Radiance


In a lifetime composed of falling short and trying to cover up mistakes, grace is a concept often misunderstood or forgotten. Shame, the belief that one is the problem, creates a false pretense which makes it seem logical to approach sin as something to be fixed. Tucker seeks to explain the problem of sin and shame in relationship to an unconditional grace through stories and thought processes. Living under the grace of God opens a vital opportunity to comprehend our continual newness and our potential to view others as children of God who are on a journey, are human, and at the same time, because of grace, are okay.
Price: $15.95

Rose's Journey: A Christian in the Holocaust


A remarkable story, this book recounts the exploits of an extraordinary woman who dedicated her heart and soul to serving her Lord–even if it meant going to a concentration camp. Through one miracle after another, she survived horrific persecution at the hands of the Nazis. Her story is chronicled here with great insight by Myrna Grant who has specialized in making known to the world how in the past century many have bravely resisted the forces that would annihilate them for their faith. As the poet and author Luci Shaw has said of this story, these are “events we must never forget,” and we must honor such “heroism that exemplifies the courage of the faithful human spirit.” A perfect selection for book clubs or adult forums.

Price: $12.95

Sometimes It's Hard to Love God


The author Dennis Guernsey admits, "As best I know, I love God. But I'm horribly inconsistent about my faith. The one thing I've learned to do is to mask my failures. I have learned to pretend and hide with the best of them.… In studying the Lord's Prayer, … I found myself painfully identifying more with the hypocrites and less with the disciples. This led to some serious self-evaluation and reflection, [which] was difficult for me to do, but it was healthy and healing at the same time. It's just such a journey of evaluation that I'm inviting you to make along with me in this book."
Price: $15.95

Statute of the Neocatechumenal Way


Faith formation and how to "grow mature Christians" is the goal of this unique Catholic group whose statutes have been recently approved by the Curia. In the past four decades some 20,000 communities worldwide have been formed with a million members, including 1,500 seminarians studying in 50 seminaries around the world. In order to stabilize their role in the Catholic church, the Pope suggested these statutes be drawn up with the hope that they will continue to flourish and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in every corner of our globe.
Price: $16.00

Study in Bohairic Coptic, A


As the language of the earliest known Christian liturgies, Bohairic Coptic remains an important tool to all Biblical scholars. Dr. Nabil Mattar, in an effort to keep his mother tongue alive, has devoted years to compiling this wonderful grammar book in Bohairic Coptic, Arabic and English.
Price: $59.95

Taste the Grace: How God's Love Empowers Us to Feel Good, Do Good and Make Good


One of spiritual facilitator Barbara Patton Unger's greatest revelations of God's grace came from accepting and experiencing God’s love and goodwill in a tangible way. This led to making a decision 25 years ago to practice spiritual love. For those who have despaired and wondered if they would ever see the "goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” as did the Psalmist of the Old Testament, Taste the Grace is for them. Those who have been tutored to accept the negative aspects of life, have little faith in the goodness and love as it pertains to them, and have been groomed to expect more suffering, can resist or sabotage heaven when it shows up for them. Here are some thoughtful guidelines to find grace for daily living. 

Price: $17.95

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