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Elephant in the Bedroom, The: Automobile Dependency & Denial−The Impacts on the Economy & Environment


Our country has slipped car-by-car into a massive dependency on a transportation system which has become a public addiction claim authors Hart & Spivak, both engineers. Cars and trucks have been identified as the most wasteful element of our consumer society, yet few protest the public subsidies keeping this system afloat–the free use by motorists and the trucking industry of urban space and municipal services. This vicious cycle continues causing an enormous trade imbalance and ecological damage froom producing a billion tons of carbon dioxide a year. Here are practical ways which could turn this devastating system around and start to unravel the complicated grasp on our lives held by the internal combustion engine.

Price: $12.95

Eleven Modern Mystics and the Secrets of a Happy, Holy Life


It often happens that a person wishes to embark on a spiritual path but immediately doubts surface:Can I really do this? What are the first steps? Where do I start? Which way do I turn? Who can assist me? Such concerns can easily be swept aside by the simple realization that our world is teeming with spiritual mentors or as the Bible notes:, We are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. All we need to do is look at them, be inspired by them and permit them to show us the way. This book profiles eleven modern mystics whose lives inform, instruct and inspire all who are travelling on a spiritual path.
Price: $15.00

Empowering Congregations: Successful Strategies for 21st Century Leadership


Why some religious congregations flourish while others straggle along is a question addressed by two well-known ministers, Denton Roberts and Robert Hill in this insightful book. Specific guidelines to help congregations are derived from principles woven together from human development theory, quality management practice and the recovery movement showing congregations how to grow in effectiveness and enjoyment. "Any congregation will benefit from the insights contained in this volume, says Rabbi Michael Zedek of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, adding "I would urge clergy colleagues of every community to avail themselves of this instrument for the renewal of their sacred communities and themselves."

Price: $14.95

Escape from God: The Use of Religion & Philosophy to Evade Responsibility


Philosophy professor Dean Turner notes that the American society, with the highest percentage of college graduates of any nation on earth, having grown more erudite and informed, has experienced a rising rate of alcoholism, drug addiction, crime, divorce, suicide and mental illness. Acquiring more degrees does not preclude becoming morally and spiritually lost. This escapism can be reversed by turning back to God and exploring the high price of God's sustaining, empowering love demonstrated concretely in God's sending the beloved son Jesus Christ to bring us back to a relationship with God. By looking into the face of God and bowing to God's authority, we can accept what is required of us to have a happy and fulfilling life.
Price: $17.95

Face to Face: Children of the AIDS Crisis in Africa


Award-winning photographer Karen Ande and veteran journalist Ruthann Richter have put together this intriguing book offering a moving portrayal of life in Africa in the shadow of HIV/AIDS. It combines photography and narrative to capture the hopes and joys, struggles and sorrows of orphaned children left to survive on their own, often caring for younger siblings, and pays homage to the grannies, the little-known heroes of Africa, who have kept families together as traditional social networks collapse. Also here are some of the challenges faced by children living with HIV and profiles of the activists working at the grassroots level to help the well-being of thousands of children and families affected by the epidemic.

Price: $39.95

Fakes, Frauds & Other Malarkey: 301 Amazing Stories and How Not to be Fooled


Nearly everyone is deceived at one time or another. Here well-known literary critic Kathryn Lindskoog presents a good-natured yet passionate analysis of deception−from its innocent roots in imaginative play to the poison fruit of the cruelest scams. It offers hilarious and heartbreaking glimpses into the schemes of hoaxers in the fields of art, literature, science, medicine, exploration, education, finance and religion. This book also offers special insights into the nature of spiritual fraud in history and in modern America. Even while Jesus told his followers to be as harmless as doves, he also reminded them to be as wise as serpents. Neither is easy. This witty, compassionate book issues a sprightly plea for plain dealing in a fallen world of deceit and doublespeak.
Price: $15.95

Family Covenant, The: Love and Forgiveness in the Christian Home


When spouses, parents and children agree to live together in love despite their imperfections they form a special bond. Dennis B. Guernsey, Ph.D., calls this a "family covenant." Based on years of research and practice in family ministry, Dr. Guernsey explains how this covenant can affect your family and families in your church. "Dennis Guernsey has offered to Christian families a rich resource for their reflection and enrichment. What he has accomplished is both exciting and practical: a blending of the helpful insights of those disciplines which study the family with the wisdom of Scripture. Neither resource has been compromised," says David M. Thomas, director of Regis College Graduate Program in Family Ministry.
Price: $11.95

Finding Palestine: One American's Trek from the Midwest to the Middle East


The author, invited to work as a medical health consultant for the Red Crescent Society in the Middle East, soon discovers a world she never knew existed. As a personal witness of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, this nice Catholic girl from the Midwest finds herself dodging bullets and treating the wounded! Here is a truly fascinating first-person account of her adventures, and a "significant map for those willing to take the road less traveled to truth and comprehension with respect to Palestine," says Jerry Levin, former CNN bureau chief in Beirut, Lebanon. He concludes, "Essentially this is a book about decent, courageous people struggling for recognition and justice" which also describes the necessary first step toward peace with justice in the Holy Land.  
Price: $17.95

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