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Christmas Stories from Around the World: Honoring Jesus in Many Lands


Retired missionary Larry Driskill collected stories from other missionary colleagues about how Christmas was celebrated in various cultures and produced here a sprightly collection of stories gathered from the four corners of Christendom describing how Christ's birth is observed, written by those who have lived around the world. In a most authentic manner it "captures the simplicity and beauty of Jesus' birth through the eyes of Christians around the world," says Congregational pastor Gordon Kirk. It discusses the origins of various Christmas traditions and Christmas music making it a wonderful tool for using at the holidays in children's sermons at church, in Sunday school classes or for children's reading projects.
Price: $11.95

Cross-Cultural Marriages and the Church: Living the Global Neighborhood


As the number of cross-cultural and interracial marriages in our society grows, our faith communities are welcoming into their midst an increasing number of those who are marrying across the traditional barriers of race, language and ethnicity. Such couples inevitably face unique hurdles as they try to forge family systems that function even though they come from disparate backgrounds and, in many cases, have dissimilar expectations of what marriage and family should be. Dr. J. Lawrence Driskill has done a masterful job interviewing and writing up the case histories of 20 cross-cultural couples with church connections. He points out what the church can do to help these families resolve conflicts and establish happy homes.

Price: $9.95

Finding Palestine: One American's Trek from the Midwest to the Middle East


The author, invited to work as a medical health consultant for the Red Crescent Society in the Middle East, soon discovers a world she never knew existed. As a personal witness of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, this nice Catholic girl from the Midwest finds herself dodging bullets and treating the wounded! Here is a truly fascinating first-person account of her adventures, and a "significant map for those willing to take the road less traveled to truth and comprehension with respect to Palestine," says Jerry Levin, former CNN bureau chief in Beirut, Lebanon. He concludes, "Essentially this is a book about decent, courageous people struggling for recognition and justice" which also describes the necessary first step toward peace with justice in the Holy Land.  
Price: $17.95

Mission Adventures in Many Lands


A bright collection of 52 true-to-life mission stories from around the world, brought together by retired missionary Lawrence Driskill, this is a wonderful compilation for children who love to read about far-away places. "The possibilities for use in vacation church schools, camps and conferences are limited only by one's imagination. Each story could be made into a drama, a puppet show or an exercise in the study of people and cultures," says The Princeton Seminary Bulletin.
Price: $11.95

Mission Impossible: The Unreached Nosu on China's Frontier


A firsthand account of frontier missionary work in Eastern Tibet by Ralph Covell, Ph.D. which describes what it was like to function as foreigners during the Chinese Communist revolution. Filled with stories of war lords, opium, romance, house-arrest and death, it tells also of the humdrum of daily living, language study and interpersonal squabbling in a candid assessment of missionary work, exploring why the Chinese church grew so remarkably once the missionary presence was withdrawn.
Price: $12.95

Mission Stories from Around the World


This collection of real-life stories of missionaries and unsung heroes around the world has been collected by Lawrence Driskill. a good storyteller who transports our imaginations into all four corners of the world where Christ's gospel changes lives. This illustrated collection is an inspiring resource especially for Sunday schools and youth sermons.
Price: $11.95

Narrow Gate Churches: The Christian Presence in the Holy Land under Muslim and Jewish Rule


Oxford-educated Arab journalist Atallah Mansour here recounts the history of the Arab Christian community in the Holy Land for the past two millennia. To protect their ancient churches from desecrating marauders on horseback, worshipers in the Holy Lands sealed up most of their doors centuries ago to keep the invaders outside their sacred halls. Thus the term, "narrow gate churches" was used to describe Christian churches in the land of our savior's birth. This fascinating history of how Christians have survived and prospered here down through the centuries under stressful conditions is a tribute to the faith of this remnant community and to the divine intervention on their behalf that helped them survive rather miraculously under hostile regimes and straitened conditions. 

Price: $19.95

Pentecost of the Hills in Taiwan: The Christian Faith Among the Original Inhabitants


Written by Ralph Covell, Ph.D., this book concentrates on how the tribal peoples in Taiwan spread their Christian faith during the Japanese occupation of World War II. "The many rich details woven into this story come from firsthand observations and faithful archival research, portraying a mission work which could be held up as a representative model of missionary service in the second half of our century. There are many educational possibilities latent in this book. Mission's professors or missions directors in a local church could use it as foundational to a course examining what missionary work is about, for this record contains the basic component of the typical missionary situation. History and politics, cultural diversity, cooperation and fragmentation between church agencies all constitute the context in which the gospel challenges the spiritual reality of restless peoples around the world," says Dr. Arthur F. Glasser, dean emeritus of the Fuller Theological Seminary School of World Mission.
Price: $15.95

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